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Avoid Common Estate Planning Mistakes

If you are like many of our neighbors here in Winter Garden, Florida, you may have an existing revocable living trust that was drafted years ago and never reviewed or updated.  If that is the case, here are few useful tips you might be interested in to help you avoid common estate planning mistakes: Your [...]

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How Long Does Probate Take In Florida?

It depends on the facts of each situation; some probate administrations take longer than others. For example, the personal representative may need to sell real estate before settling the probate estate, or to resolve a disputed claim filed by a creditor or a lawsuit filed to challenge the validity of the will. Any of these [...]

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Health Care And The Power Of Attorney

What is the relationship between a Declaration of Living Will and Power of Attorney?   A Declaration of Living Will specifies a person’s wishes as to the provision or termination of medical procedures when the person is diagnosed with a terminal condition, has an end-stage condition, or is in a persistent vegetative state. A living [...]

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How do you want to leave your inheritance?

It seems like few families realize the options available to them when planning for their estate.  There are many ways to consider leaving an inheritance to a loved one. Here are few you might want to consider: Outright Distribution.  This is the most common option that individuals select.  Unfortunately, it is also the option with [...]

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